Head To Head for D1 NDT Qualifier and Pacific Championships (Waitlist vs. Waitlst)

INSTRUCTIONS: This page will let you view waitlisted teams against each other, entered teams against each other, or waitlisted teams against entered teams. Click a link on the line below to generate your desired comparison. The top of the page will list teams one at a time, and clicking the hide/show detail links will display their entire history round-by-round. A summary table of all the records will appear at the bottom of the page. NDT RANKING: the waitlist vs. waitlist comparison will allow you to view the head-to-head records of the first- and second-round applicants. The waitlist vs. entered comparison will show the records of second-round applicants against teams entered in the NDT. Note that the first-round displays will not be acurate until all teams have applied and are on the waitlist, and the second-round comparison will not be accurate until all the district qualifiers have entered and all second-round applicants have been added to the waitlist.
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